• Pipe Mount
  • Pipe Mount
  • Wall-Mount
  • Wall-Mount Metallic
  • Industrial Metallic Propeller
  • Industrial Metallic
  • Industrial External
  • Industrial Plastic Propeller
  • Industrial Axial Fan -German designs
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Backward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Double Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan / Single Backward
  • Industrial Radial
  • Roof Fan
  • Centrifugal Fan/Double Forward [three-speed]
  • Hood Fan -Backward
  • Hood Fan—Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward- new
  • Water Pump
  • Hood blower with plastic frame/ Double forward
  • Hood blower with metal frame/ Double forward
  • Convectıon Fan
  • Exhaust Gas Blower
  • Hood Blower with External Rotor motor /single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan With External-Rotor Motors /Double Backward

Assembling condition :


1. After installing fan in the channel or in the pipe, make sure that air is not entering into.



2. To clean the fan, make sure that nutrition source is disconnected.



3. This better done with the soft and wet cloth also after cleaning with wet cloth preferably dry and clean product with dry cloth.



4. It should be used in places with Earth System



5. The Minimum height to allow installation of the blade is 2.3 meters.



All the Damandeh products is Guaranteed for 18 months in anyway be purchased if the sales agents or Retail chain, according to the date mentioned on the package for each product.



Date of Guaranty will be started since the date of production. If any defect occur, regarded to the low of customer support they eligible and can use the service or replacement parts of them, in one of the Damandeh agency.