• Pipe Mount
  • Pipe Mount
  • Wall-Mount
  • Wall-Mount Metallic
  • Industrial Metallic Propeller
  • Industrial Metallic
  • Industrial External
  • Industrial Plastic Propeller
  • Industrial Axial Fan -German designs
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Backward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Double Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan / Single Backward
  • Industrial Radial
  • Roof Fan
  • Centrifugal Fan/Double Forward [three-speed]
  • Hood Fan -Backward
  • Hood Fan—Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward- new
  • Water Pump
  • Hood blower with plastic frame/ Double forward
  • Hood blower with metal frame/ Double forward
  • Convectıon Fan
  • Exhaust Gas Blower
  • Hood Blower with External Rotor motor /single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan With External-Rotor Motors /Double Backward

Guaranty condition:

This Warranty will not apply if:


1. Technical  defect due to improper installation or use.


2. The product is damaged caused by Incorrectly installed by the vendor or installer


Note: Installation and install any components of electronic system must be done by professionals to be eligible  for services.


3. Technical defect caused by cleaning methods and wetting.


4. Company is not responsible for any technical breakdown that are cause of stroke , breaking , power fluctuation , water , fire and irresponsible persons’ action


5. If the serial number of Guaranty is nonconcorrence with serial number of system , Guaranty will be illegitimate


6. The product is damaged caused by system’s transportation will be on the customer.


7. Use electromotor in flammable space or harmful vapors and gases or doesn't match to degree of motor protection (IP).


Note 1. If the received device is defects on delivery time, certainly it will be replaced.

Note 2. In case of problems with some parts of the product, those will surely be replaced.


Attention. Time to repair defected set depends on fan type and kind of defect, and company will announce it.