• Pipe Mount
  • Pipe Mount
  • Wall-Mount
  • Wall-Mount Metallic
  • Industrial Metallic Propeller
  • Industrial Metallic
  • Industrial External
  • Industrial Plastic Propeller
  • Industrial Axial Fan -German designs
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Backward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Double Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan / Single Backward
  • Industrial Radial
  • Roof Fan
  • Centrifugal Fan/Double Forward [three-speed]
  • Hood Fan -Backward
  • Hood Fan—Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward- new
  • Water Pump
  • Hood blower with plastic frame/ Double forward
  • Hood blower with metal frame/ Double forward
  • Convectıon Fan
  • Exhaust Gas Blower
  • Hood Blower with External Rotor motor /single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan With External-Rotor Motors /Double Backward

Centrifugal forwards type
Use of Hoods and Blower type and special space
Two different models with plastic & metal frame
High outflow capacity
Low sound level
External Rotor and thermal protection
Motor protection IP54
Impeller diameter 140mm
Aeration power 550m3/h

BEF series

Model Type Fan Dia Voltage Consumption Curent Power Frequency Power Factory Rated Engine Speed Extract Capacity Capacity Motor Protection Weight Dimenesions
  (MM) (V) (A) (W) (Hz) Cosφ R.P.M m³/h   IP Kg
BEF-14/7V2S 14x7 220 0.6 125 50 0 2200 550 0 54 3.13 View