• Pipe Mount
  • Pipe Mount
  • Wall-Mount
  • Wall-Mount Metallic
  • Industrial Metallic Propeller
  • Industrial Metallic
  • Industrial External
  • Industrial Plastic Propeller
  • Industrial Axial Fan -German designs
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Backward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan /Double Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan / Single Backward
  • Industrial Radial
  • Roof Fan
  • Centrifugal Fan/Double Forward [three-speed]
  • Hood Fan -Backward
  • Hood Fan—Forward
  • Industrial External Cooling Tower-Forward- new
  • Water Pump
  • Hood blower with plastic frame/ Double forward
  • Hood blower with metal frame/ Double forward
  • Convectıon Fan
  • Exhaust Gas Blower
  • Hood Blower with External Rotor motor /single Forward
  • Centrifugal Fan With External-Rotor Motors /Double Backward

 Roof Fan 

Centrifugal Radial Fan type, Specially design for industrial facilities, apartment, Hotel, office, swimming pull, restaurant,... , 6 different size and models
High efficiency (Low power consumption and High outflow capacity)
Can be Installed on each celling
Suitable for Installed on the channel
External Rotor
Motor protection IP54
Impeller diameter 10×20to 18×50
Aeration power 400m3/h to 7200m3/h
R.P.M 930 to 2450